Exploring the Magic of Valentine’s Day Photography with Children

Valentines Day Photography Little girl in frosty window eating heart shaped cookie

Valentine’s Day is a special day not only for couples but for children as well! In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen adults get as excited about Valentine’s Day as little children. Children get so excited over the colorful, fun candy. And their little eyes light up with such joy when they open cards and gifts from loved ones. So it goes without saying that children are an important part of Valentine’s Day photography!

Observing my children is by far my favorite aspect of the holiday. Of course, as a photographer, I love to document it with my camera as well. In this post I am going to give you tips and inspiration for capturing heart warming Valentine’s Day photographs through the eyes of children.


Capturing the enchantment of children engaged in Valentine’s Day baking is sweet and delicious. I love to set up a table next to some pretty window light and capture my children in some kind of holiday baking scene. 

While sticky fingers busily frost cookies, your table becomes a canvas for their love and creativity. Try to catch the glow of excitement in their eyes as they explore the colorful sprinkles and icing. Each step in the baking process, from measuring ingredients to the shared laughter amidst the delightful (at least I tell myself its delightful) mess, holds lasting memories. As the warmth of their sweet smiles, and the aroma of freshly baked treats fills the air, turn your camera into a witness to the love baked into every cookie.

Valentines Day Photography, little girl decorating cupcakes


When children are immersed in Valentine’s Day crafts it unveils a world of creativity and heartfelt expression. Their tiny hands cut, glue, and shape paper into little gifts of affection. Embrace the chaos and the mess and try to zero in on the enthusiasm.

Whenever I am photographing a scene like this, I try to put the mess out of my mind. All the while, I’m reminding myself that the key to a good photo is embracing the authenticity of the moments. Sparkles fly and glue and sticky fingers are everywhere. The pure joy radiating from their faces as they choose colors and share ideas is visual proof of the enchanting process of creation. These kinds of shots document the magic of childhood creativity and the joy of celebrating Valentine’s Day and definitely belong in your Valentine’s Day photography

Valentine's Day Photography. Fine art photograph of little girl making Valentines.


Capturing the magic of children interacting with family in your Valentine’s Day Photography is like wrapping up the heartwarming essence of love in a single frame. Whether it’s a shared hug between siblings, a tender snuggle with Mom and Dad, or laughter filling the air, these photographs tell a story of love within a family. 

In these sweet moments, you are the storyteller, documenting the genuine connections and the happiness that seems to flow so effortlessly when in the company of loved ones. Valentine’s Day photography can serve as a cherished reminder of sweet hugs and sticky fingers and that there are moments that your kids actually do get along (some of the time!). If you need a some tips/inspo for capturing love and connection in your photography check out my post here!

I always try to capture a photo of my son sneaking a cookie under the table because it is just so “him” and I want to remember how he did this when he was little.

Valentines Day Photography. Fine art photograph of little boy eating heart shaped cookie under a table.


Have fun exploring color with your Valentine’s Day photography. How will you choose your background and outfits? Red is always a go to color for this holiday, but there are so many wonderful shades of pink that you can experiment with too. In recent years, I have even tried shooting with more neutral colors like brown craft paper and creams and white. So don’t think you have to do everything in red for your Valentine’s Day photography if you don’t want to. You can go with rich, vibrant colors or tone it down to more subtle shades if that is more your style. Love can be portrayed in any color!

Valentines Day Photography. Sisters hugging.


The same goes for any props or decorations you decide to use with your Valentine’s Day Photography. You can choose to go with a plethora of decorations in bright colors or choose something simple and more subtle. As long as you don’t overpower your main subject, I think this is a fun area to experiment with your own personal photography style. There are so many different way to decorate with garlands, balloons, wreaths, roses, heart shaped pillows and more. I could go on and on.

And don’t forget all the pretty candy that is so much fun to photograph! Those little, pastel conversation hearts are always a big hit with my kids. Let your little ones join in the decorating and try to capture their enthusiasm. Each photo is a little nod to the magical world of decorating that turns rooms into cozy love nests, painting Valentine’s Day vibes all around.

Valentines Day Photography. Fine art photograph of baby sitting on little girls lap looking at decorations.

There is a unique joy in capturing the magic of Valentine’s Day through the lens of our cameras, freezing in time the sweet moments that define the magic of childhood. From creative craft projects to family hugs and kisses, each photograph is a memory of the love and joy that radiates from the hearts of our littlest loved ones. Valentine’s Day photography is like a peek into the enchanting world of childhood glee and the beauty of spreading love in its purest form.



Ruth Young is a professional, portrait photographer and photography educator located in Culpeper, Virginia. She photographs her daily life with her 5 small children and has a passion for teaching photography. For more about Ruth follow her on Instagram where she posts daily.


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