HI! I'm Ruth! I live in Virginia and I'm a photographer and mother to 5 wild little children. When my first daughter was born I wanted to capture every fleeting moment of her childhood. I became obsessed with photography. I'm very nostalgic and all of these memories are the most beautiful treasures to me. I create fine art  photos that are deeply rooted in nature and the beauty of life. I take on a very limited number of portrait clients each year because my time with my children and my art is so precious to me. I also teach photography. I offer a limited number of mentee sessions through out the year and also offer online self paced photography courses available on my website.

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As a child I grew up with a mother who was a portrait painter and she was constantly teaching me about art. I would lay on her studio floor and look through art books while she played classical music and smoked cigarettes. I spent my childhood living in different countries around the world so I was also given a heavy does of cultural experiences. We lived in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Austria and traveled to so many more places. True Story: a village elder offered to buy me as a bride in exchange for sheep and rugs while we were hiking in Kazakhstan. Today, my Signature Photography Style is a combination of all of these experiences, distilled into a single, cohesive vision. Through my work, I strive to capture the beauty and wonder of the world around us, and to invite viewers to see the world through my eyes. Tragically I lost my mother to suicide in 2008. Through my work I try to find a way to honor my mother’s legacy and carry on her creative vision through portraiture, all while capturing the beautiful moments of my own motherhood journey. 

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