May is such a great month, Spring is in full bloom, Summer is right around the corner and its my birthday month! This year it’s an extra special birthday for me because I’m turning 40! So I though I would do a post all about birthday photos. Birthday photos can be simple or extravagant. It […]


With Spring in the air and all the blossoms and fresh new leaves budding I think it’s a great time to talk about nature and your photography in it! Taking photos in Nature is hands down one of my favorite things ever! ARE YOU CONNECTED TO NATURE? If you don’t think you are very connected […]


Spring always brings with it a sense of renewal after a cold, dark, long Winter. Everything is warmer, brighter, and full of a sense of wonder. And it couldn’t be a better time to get out your camera and start taking some Spring photos! There are so many wonderful things about shooting in Spring. If […]

It’s February and that means Valentines Day here in the USA. Stores are filled with hearts, balloons, flowers and chocolates. There are a lot of fun traditions to document such as card making, candies, and baking treats, but most importantly love! So I was inspired to write a post all about capturing love and connection […]


It’s that time of year again. The holidays are over and all that lies ahead is several cold, dark, brown months. This is the time of year when a lot of photographers fall into a photography rut. Being stuck inside, with little to photograph can take a toll of your creativity, but it doesn’t have […]


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