Once you understand how to use light from a simple window you gain so much more control over your photographs. Understanding what time to shoot at a window and how the light changes throughout the day is essential if you want to create window light photos that are consistent. I cannot tell you how many photo attempts I made in the past that ended in tears because I did't understand the basic concepts of how to use window light. 

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what is included in this tutorial?

This tutorial includes a 15 minute training video and 12 page PDF. In the video I show you a behind the scenes shoot with my daughter using just a small window. I’m working in a tiny space so it’s something I feel like anyone can do! I share my favorite exercise for understanding window light.
Once I practiced this exercise for myself, when I was first learning photography, it truly was a game changer for me. It was one of those AHA moments where a light bulb goes off in your head and you finally “GET” it! It’s super simple with absolutely nothing required. If you don’t have a willing model you can use a bowl of fruit! I used a wooden bowl and some apples my first time!

I’ve also included a beautiful PDF that lays out photos and details explaining how I capture my window light photos. I include examples of photographs I have taken and all the different variables I’m looking for when shooting with window light. Once you can control those variables your confidence soars and it makes shooting with window light soo much easier.

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Did you know the weather and the seasons play a HUGE ROLE in how your window light photos will turn out? I detail this all in my tutorial and so much more!

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